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Ethnic Minorities Officer | Dr Emad Eldeen Elakehal
Branch: Eton & Windsor BLP | Ward: Eton & Windsor

Emad Eldeen has lived with his wife and two children in Windsor since 2008. He has a PhD in computer science from the University of Bath, besides 22 years of practical experience in IT, software engineering and management. Emad worked for small and large multinational businesses and co-founded what has become the fastest growing online bookseller in Europe, he is currently managing a new startup venture based in Windsor.

Emad Eldeen has been a Labour voter since moving to the UK, but he got interested in engaging in politics and became a member of the Labour Party soon after the EU referendum. The anti-immigration rhetoric during and soon after Brexit results allowed racist language and racism to become normalised with a significant increase of hate crimes. Emad felt there is greater need than ever before to campaign for and preserve the great British values of a fairer, more equal and democratic society for all.