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Here we are again, another election! Why? Because the Conservatives could not agree about Europe, surprise surprise. This is why we had a ballot on Europe and now Theresa May wants a blank cheque for the negotiations with Europe, by having a bigger majority in Parliament. But this election is about much more. It is about how we are to be governed for the next 5 years.

The Labour Party has made 10 pledges to the public. They are:-

  1. Full employment.
  2. A secure homes guarantee.
  3. Security at work.
  4. A secure NHS and social care.
  5. National education service.
  6. Action to secure our environment.
  7. Put the public back into our economy.
  8. Cut inequality in income and wealth.
  9. Action to secure an equal society.
  10. Peace and justice at the heart of foreign policy.

Remember under our system of democracy we are electing an MP to represent us in Parliament, not a Prime Minister.

Do we want the same privileged few creaming off the wealth of the country while the rest of us have to pay? You may think the result is a forgone conclusion but it need not be if all those who want a fairer society vote Labour.

Roy Reeves

Windsor Constituency Labour Party


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