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We regularly have street stalls on a number of issues, from safeguarding the NHS, to housing and homelessness. I’ts always good to have as many volunteers as possible. In addition we also leaflet on specific subjects so if you don’t feel up to engaging with passers by, its always good to get as many leaflets out as possible. Labour South East also have national days of action, for instance the cost and the inefficiencies of the rail network, where it involved handing out leaflets to commuters as they started and ended their journeys.

Canvassing is also not just for elections either – its good to connect with people when its not obvious you want something from them (their vote) and it keeps our visibility up – and can be very rewarding listening to peoples views. Both canvassing and leafleting come with road maps and routes, so you can be sure your not ‘doubling up’ Please drop us a message at info@windsorlabour.co.uk if you have any questions or are able to help us out.