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Welcome to the first newsletter of Windsor Constituency Labour Party – ‘For the Many’. We have pooled the talents of several of our members to produce what we think is a varied, engaging and powerful tool to talk to all our members.

We have articles on the NHS, housing and homelessness, education, womens rights and an overview of the campaigns and activities we have been involved in this year.

This is a pilot issue and we very much appreciate your feedback. We are open to change and, as such, subsequent issues may be a different size, design, frequency (this is very much an overview of the last year – in the new year we will settle on specific release dates). Much as we would like to, we have no current plans to do a print version as it would be prohibitively expensive in this current format. For now, it will be pdf only (click on the pdf link at the bottom of this email to get your newsletter) However, we have considered taking advertising to self fund a print version if there is enough interest.

We hope you enjoy it and many thanks to all our contributors.

for the many issue 1


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