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Last year, on the 4th of March, along with 250,000 others, we marched for the continued existence of the NHS. Under threat from cut after cut by a cynical profit driven tory government, We marched for the 99% that need the NHS – not the 1% that pocket the profits from hospital ‘trusts’ with tory grandees on their boards. This was a march for humanity against globalisation and profit margins – our NHS. We would be much poorer without it in so many ways.

This year, on the 3rd of February we go again – and we’ll keep on doing it until we win. Because the NHS is the greatest post war achievement this country has managed since then. If you want to join us drop us an email. We should be joining up with Slough and Maidenhead as well as others, so there will be plenty of us!

Let’s do it!


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