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Your candidates for Old Windsor are:

Yvonne Olney

Roy Reeves






Commit to promote the building of genuinely affordable homes for sale and to rent with greater regulation of private tenancies and reintroduction of rent controls

Support our schools facing a deepening crisis by demanding more funding from central government and bring back council services such as SEND

Value the work of council employees and develop a zero tolerance
anti-bullying culture in the workplace

Prioritise the future of young people in all areas – decent work contracts, greater careers support in schools, enhanced provision for leisure opportunities – by talking with them and developing policies together 

Protect vulnerable people in our community by collaborative working with other agencies to turn lives around, e.g. homeless people securing funding in areas like mental health to reduce waiting lists for appropriate help.

Continue recycling policies and address the impact of climate change. Work with other groups already involved and share expertise by collaboration.

Protect our green spaces and introduce measures to keep cars out of towns by Park and Ride schemes for example

Look to creative models in other towns and cities for regenerating our high streets which are facing gradual demise

Monitor health care practice as our NHS continues to face uncertainty and takeover by privatisation

Ensure the voice of local residents is heard by encouraging greater participation and communication. 

Openness and transparency to be key fundamental principles for a healthy local democracy