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The NHS will get £6billion a year extra raised from new taxes on the nation’s highest earners

Free parking will be rolled out at all NHS hospitals in England

The £22bn hospital cuts programme will be immediately halted and reviewed

A million people will be taken off waiting lists

Access to treatment will be guaranteed within 18 weeks

Access to A&E treatment will be guaranteed within 4 hours

NHS privatisation will be “reversed” and the NHS and Social Care Act 2012 repealed

A National Care Service to provide a more “joined-up” approach will be introduced costing, at first, £3billion a year

Carers’ allowance will be increased by £11 to the rate of jobseekers’ allowance
A £250million a year fund for children’s health, with suggested measures including a ban on junk food adverts before 9pm

Mixed sex hospital wards will end

Cancer Strategy for England will be delivered “in full” by 2020
HIV prevention treatement PrEP will be “fully rolled out to high-risk groups”

Attacking NHS staff will be an aggravated criminal offence