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Infrastructure, energy and transport

A National Transformation Fund will plough £250 billion into infrastructure over 10 years

The railways will be renationalised, with networks taken back into public ownership as operators’ current franchises expire. The Railways Act 1993 which privatised the network will be repealed

The water industry will be nationalised

Royal Mail will be taken back into public ownership to reverse a “historic mistake”

The rip-off energy industry will have some element of nationalisation, with new publicly-owned firms set up in every regions as competition

An immediate energy bills price cap will stop household costs rising above £1,000 a year while Labour transitions to a fairer system

HS2, Crossrail 2, the Brighton Main Line and Science Vale line from Oxford to Cambridge will all be built

Labour will look at setting up public-run bus companies outside London, where that’s already the case

Branch rail lines could be reopened after consultation – most were shut in the Beeching report more than 50 years ago

Rail electrification and expansion will be delivered across the country

Labour ‘will work with the Welsh government’ to scrap the Severn Crossing tolls