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The manifesto pledges to roll back massive in-human cuts to welfare over recent years. Cuts that cost more to administer than they brought in revenue 

£30-a-week cuts to disability benefit Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) will be reversed

Disability benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will be extended for 165,000 people costing £3.7bn in line with a court decision

The benefit sanctions regime will be scrapped

Work capability and PIP assessments will be scrapped and replaced with a “personalised” system

The Bedroom Tax will be scrapped

Re-assessments for severe lifelong conditions will be scrapped

Cuts to bereavement support payments will be scrapped

The state will fund child burial fees for bereaved parents

Housing benefit for under-22s will be reinstated

Cuts to Universal Credit work allowances will be reviewed

The ‘rape clause’ making women denied benefits for a third child prove it was non-consensual will be scrapped