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Workers will get a huge range of new protections and rights in their jobs

The 1% public sector pay rise cap will end

A new Ministry of Labour in Whitehall will empower workers and clamp down on exploitation

A 20-point plan on workers’ rights includes:

Zero-hour contracts to be banned

Pay ratios: Only firms with bosses paid a maximum of 20 times the lowest-paid worker get public sector contracts

Four new bank holidays on the four national patron saints’ days

The Tory Trade Union Act 2016 will be scrapped, returning strike thresholds to 50% of votes cast, not 50% of all union members

Employment tribunal fees will be reversed

Unpaid internships will be banned

Redundancy laws will be toughened to stop women being ditched for having children

Companies will have a legal duty to employees, customers and the environment, not just shareholders

Firms exploiting the self-employed will face a clampdown, with laws assuming workers are a full employee unless their boss can prove otherwise and fines for those trying to get round the system

A consultation will be launched on statutory bereavement leave for workers who lose a close relative

Inquiries into Orgreave and blacklisting will be held