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The employment market facing Windsor’s young people today is the least certain and secure for a generation. The financial crisis has resulted in the explosion and exploitation of zero-hours contracts, and a rise in personal service companies and other ‘gig economy’ tactics. These do not only deny young people their legitimate workplace rights, but also deny them certainty of income and prevent them from building careers.

The Conservative government has allowed this to happen unchecked. Coupled with a growing national debt to inherit, ever-less affordable homes, and a Brexit that most young people do not want and did not vote for, young people in this election have a lot to be angry about.

The only answer is for them to exercise their democratic rights and vote. Whatever the government may say about future generations, this government has created a clear divide between older, wealthy Britain and young, asset-poor Britain because one groups votes, and the other does not. The Labour Party believes government should serve everyone, not just the few.

I can only implore our young people to make sure they have registered to vote. Only by voting on June 8th will they be able to have their say on the future direction of this country – and we all stand to benefit from their voices being heard. They can register at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, and must do so by 22nd May to be eligible to vote in the General Election.

Peter Shearman

Labour Party candidate for Windsor.