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One thing I believe everyone can agree upon is the continued need for a healthy NHS. A NHS free at the point of use, and guaranteed to be ‘with you all the way’ is wonderfully reassuring and fundamental to the health of our nation. From someone in their fifties, I am fortunate that my experience with the NHS has been limited to a couple of walk-ins at Slough and X-rays at King Edwards—All free at the point of service.

However, I’ve experienced the ‘chip and pin first’ – medical care second approach whilst living abroad. This approach is what we will have to get used to if Jeremy Hunt gets his way. His dalliance with Kaiser Permanente private health care in California is an indication of where this is going. Having co-authored a book calling for de-nationalisation of the NHS in 2005, he now finds himself much closer to achieving his goal of a market driven, insurance model for the NHS than ever before.

This approach has failed Americans over the years; now about to be made worse by Trump’s attempt to dismantle Obamacare. The rising cost of drugs and treatments in America force some to find treatments in neighbouring Canada, where patient care comes before profits for the drug companies.

The NHS is our greatest post-war achievement created by Labour under Clement Atlee. The NHS is there for us all on a daily basis. They are there in an emergency and keep us healthy through preventative care. Today, Labour pledged £37 billion to the NHS taking one million people off waiting lists, delivering the cancer strategy for England in full by 2020, creating a £500m winter crisis fund and guaranteeing a maximum waiting time of 4 hours in A&E. We might even be able to upgrade and protect the NHS computer systems from cyber-attack, something the home secretary at the time refused to countenance at £5m – she approved £7m for the renovation of Jacob Rees Mogg’s wife’s country mansion though! And before anyone utters the phrase ‘magic money tree’ – The manifesto will be out this week – and it’s all costed!

Angus Cameron


Windsor Labour Party