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The country is seeing the tangible fall-out of the nasty party. The negative impact of uncontrolled private sector gambling by Carillion and their likes on the lives of many throughout the UK, has been brought into sharp focus. This is an example of a complete lack of checks and balances by the government on private sector greed.

Closer to home, the media scrum to interview every single last homeless person on the streets of Windsor, thanks to the callous comments of Simon Dudley has brought our town into the spotlight  for all the wrong reasons. When yesterday’s news becomes todays chip papers, we will make sure that the issues stay in the public consciousness. We have two wonderful posts on the impact of homelessness by Michael Boyle and Margery Thorogood which are well worth a read.

This current excuse for a government is so weak – and running a country for the betterment of the country has become a sideshow to dampening the fires in their deeply divided party.

We are the government in waiting and occupy the centre ground whilst the Tories have veered to the far right with their failed experiment with neoliberalism and austerity politics.

Having just attended  both the national conference in Liverpool and the Labour South East conference in Southampton, there is such a positivity among our members (the biggest political party in Western Europe) for real, radical change, putting you first, not the bankers, the financiers the ‘ruling classes’. The Tories do not ‘own’ any of the major issues from the economy to the basic competency in running our public services. We have the ideas and the vision to rebuild Britain – they are bereft of any direction.  It was the Tories’ buddies – the bankers, that created the financial crash and gave them the excuse to blame us and impose ideological austerity on the country for all these years since. It is not over even though they tell us that it is. Since the Tories and the lib dems (small l and d- because they are so insignificant)  took power in their coalition of incompetency, they have borrowed more money than every Labour government put together. Not for you – not for me – but to line the back pockets of the few- not the many.

We look forward to a brighter future and our aim remains the same – Let’s save this country from a callous, self-serving Tory government. They will finish the job of dismantling the NHS they have already started. They will continue to sell off all our assets which we have paid for through our taxes – to their friends in the privileged few.

We are all shareholders in this country not just the ‘shareholders’ that benefited from the mass sell off our railways, NHS, public services and, if May gets her way, our schools. We need a ‘kind’ revolution to bring compassion and social justice back to this country. That revolution has already been happening with mass rallies in the streets – not choreographed photo opportunities in empty factories. There has been a sea change in British politics – away from neo-liberalism and ideological austerity and towards an inclusive society based on hope and inclusiveness.

They may have super rich donors and a hostile media behind them  (whose strings are pulling who?), but the one thing we have much more than them is you, the many. Let’s make this count – vote Labour – again – soon. And your first chance to do so is on the council elections on the 2nd May. See our profiles of our 18 wonderful candidates, our manifesto and our key points



Help for the homeless

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