Welcome to Windsor Labour

Going to a Labour Party conference is an invigorating experience at the best of times – but this one was special, helped in no small way by a certain Mr Boris spiteful Johnson getting it spectacularly wrong. Never thought I would say that!

Comrades, we are at turning point in history. We represent the 99%, not the 52% nor the 48%.  But we are a healing party – healing the divide and rule tactics that have been foisted on us by David Cameron and perpetuated by May and the Bullingdon boy. We are the adults in the room. Over the next few weeks its pretty clear we will go for a GE. The reticence on our side to accept a GE right now is entirely strategic. We need to get beyond 17th of October so that we can get rid of the nonsense of a no-deal exit once and for all. We at Windsor Labour Party are ready for the fight for hearts and minds. It helps when you know you are on the right side of history. But we need you to help – the one thing we have is numbers – ordinary people being extraordinary. You don’t need a political science degree to distribute leaflets or knock on doors. You just need a passion for democracy.

Fundraising and awareness is also very important On Friday we have Robb Johnson doing a gig at the Watermans in Eton, Next Tuesday we have Peter Stevanovic presenting to us a the Old Court and on the 15th we have Janine Booth speaking to us about her battle with cancer (and probably doing a few jokes and poems as well)

All of this contributes to awareness, engagement comradeship – you get this in spades at conference – were just trying to create the same buzz in Windsor



Help for the homeless

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