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As we reflect on a fantastic Labour Party conference where we gave the message to the country of unity and calm determination, we now have to put this focus into practice. We are a government in waiting and occupy the centre ground of British politics whilst the Tories have veered to the far right with their failed experiment with neoliberalism and austerity politics.  Deborah Foster, our Trade Unions Liaison Officer, was our delegate this year and will be reporting back at out CLP meeting on Tuesday 3rd of October.

We look forward to a brighter future and our aim remains the same – Let’s save this country from an incompetent Tory government. They will finish the job of dismantling the NHS they have already started. They will continue to sell off all our assets which we have paid for through our taxes – to their friends in the privileged few.

We are all shareholders in this country not just the ‘shareholders’ that benefited from the mass sell off our railways, NHS, public services and, if May gets her way, our schools. We need a ‘kind’ revolution to bring compassion and social justice back to this country. That revolution has already happening with mass rallies in the streets – not choreographed photo opportunities in empty factories. Whatever happens, there has been a sea change in British politics – away from neo-liberalism and ideological austerity and towards an inclusive societal push for hope and change.

They may have much more money than us and a hostile media, but the one thing we have much more than them is you, the many. Let’s make this count – vote Labour – again – soon.

For the many, not the few


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