Welcome to Windsor Labour


It obviously it wasn’t the result we wanted. We were out in our numbers, running street stalls and canvassing on doorsteps. The  reception we got was generally positive and we managed to sway quite a few undecided voters, mainly by telling the truth and running a very positive campaign. We also succeeded in making some strong links with members of our community which we intend to build on.

In the end, the Tory press did a number on us and the Machiavellian skills of Dominic Cummings on Social Media didn’t help either. It has transposed that as much as 87% of posts by the Tories were outright lies – Labour ZERO PERCENT.  There were also several ‘tactical voting sites’ out there that advised which party was best placed to knock the incumbent Tory out – Also, the local Lib Dems sent out literature with misleading bar charts putting themselves in a strong second place.  Not the case in 2017.

I think a large majority of people realised this was the most important election in decades. But obviously a lot of them didn’t. We have reached a crossroads in the future of Britain. Our relationship with the rest of Europe is at stake, and we must retain that commercial, peaceful, mutually beneficial status. The Tories are hell-bent on wrecking this. Within our country there is a great divide. The Labour party was neither for the 52% or the 48% – we were for the 99% -(perhaps that’s too nuanced in comparison to ‘get brexit done’). But what we were trying to do was try to heal this country and reverse Cameron’s hugely underestimated attempt to restore harmony in his own party by dividing the country.

We had an opportunity to commit to real change. I worry we are facing a grim future. We will see this adversely effect our children, our elderly, the sick, skilled workers without jobs -and the ever increasing numbers that will be thrown under bus by the callous policies of the privileged few.

We will continue to champion important issues, such as the retention of the NHS, better housing, a greener world, less food banks and homelessness, and a fairer society for all.

I would like to put it on record that we truly appreciate the transformative policies of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell – and indeed the whole team of contributors to a fantastic manifesto. We have left it on our website so you can see ‘what you could have had’. Let’s hope we have a smooth transition to a new shadow leadership.

Many thanks also to Peter Shearman for campaigning tirelessly in Windsor Constituency and all those who canvassed with him.

Angus Cameron

Chair of Windsor Constituency Labour Party