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So, soon the very few get to choose our next PM – probably Trump MK 2 with an Etonian accent. Now this might be enough to make you despair. However all is not lost. BJ has only a 5034 majority in his Uxbridge seat – the lowest majority of an incumbent PM since 1923. Mass canvassing in this constituency could see him kicked out creating a democratic crisis. The first of these canvassing events happens this coming Sunday 21st. Labour has a very good candidate – Ali Milani – young – vibrant – eloquent – of Iranian descent, mobilising in the wings. Please get in touch if you want to participate along with other Berkshire CLP’s

In the past couple of weeks, it has been confirmed that Labour will push for Remain if its either a bad Tory deal (Hunt) or no deal (Boris). There has been a lot of noise over Labour ‘sitting on the fence’ when what we were trying to do was bring together a divided country so there is a consensus and toning down of increasingly rabid factionalism. We are the only party that has been trying to do this and Corbyn has tirelessly been touring up and down the country speaking and listening to both leave and remain constituencies. Remain makes sense, but it’s of absolutely no use if we continue to be under the shadow of austerity. This country cannot sustain another four years of it. Boris will mess up soon and cause a constitutional precedent, which we hope will lead to a general election in the autumn. Contrary to what the main stream media are saying, we are between 3-6 points ahead in the polls – bring it on!

Closer to home, we are working on the second edition of our digital newsletter – the first was universally well received – watch this space.



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