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It’s been a very busy few weeks since the election was announced. We have been out in our numbers, having street stalls and canvassing on doorsteps. The  reception we have been getting is generally positive and we have managed to sway quite a few undecided voters, mainly by telling the truth and running a very positive campaign. We have also succeeded in making some strong links with members of our community and which we intend to build on.

Our prospective Parliamentary candidate, Peter Shearman, has been out all the time explaining what he would do if he were elected and it chimes well with voters. He fought for us in 2017 and we doubled our vote and came a very credible second behind our current MP whose popularity has since nose-dived.

There are several ‘tactical voting sites’ out there that advise on which party is best placed to knock the incumbent Tory out – take no notice of them. The local Lib dems have sent out literature with misleading bar charts.  Here is the true figures (source Wikipedia)


In the next 7 days, you will probably have a chance to meet Peter as we will continue to be canvassing all across the constituency. Windsor constituency has parts of Slough Council (Colnbrook and Poyle) and parts of Bracknell Forest Council (Ascot , Binfield with Warfield, Warfield Harvest Ride, Winkfield & Cranbourne) – so bear with us.

The good news is we have a great response from our members (and even non-members) willing to canvas for us, or deliver leaflets, take window posters or outside signs. It would be great to get as many people to help as possible. If you’ve never done it before – we will have mentors to get you started. And  camaraderie that makes you feel like your part of something that is life-changing for the better.

There is a lot of misinformation out there fed through the medium of the mainstream media (AKA The Tory propoganda machine). Everyone knows the attack beasts the establishment unleashes when their privileged existence is threatened. They are running scared of Corbyn and a Labour government – and so the attacks and lies become more vicious. We must be doing something right!

Our manifesto came out recently and it is even more transformative than 2017. And other wonderful policies are being released daily such as planting 2 billion trees, reparation for WASPI women and reducing train fares by 33% from January 2020.

I think a large majority of people realise that this is the most important election in decades. We have reached a crossroads in the future of Britain. Our relationship with the rest of Europe is at stake, and whether we leave or remain we must retain that commercial, peaceful, mutually beneficial status. The Tories and the yellow Tories are hell-bent on wrecking this. Within our country there is a great divide. The Labour party is neither for the 52% or the 48% – we are for the 99% – to try and heal this country and reverse Cameron’s hugely underestimated attempt to restore harmony in his own party. We will put a vote to the country to see what they want to do, including remain as an option within three months of our tenure in government and implement it within six. I think we are much more informed now, whereas in 2016 there was a lot of empty slogans and no substance.

We have an opportunity to commit to real change. If we let this pass we are facing a grim future. We owe it to our children, our elderly, the sick, skilled workers without jobs -and the ever increasing numbers that will be adversly effected by the callous policies of the privileged few. I saw a meme today – Marr questioned  Johnson – so what is your favourite lie? and Boris replied, I don’t lie – to which Marr gave the reposte – yes thats my favourite one as well!

People – its time for real change – a kind revolution

Rebuilding Britain


Angus Cameron

Chair of Windsor Constituency Labour Party


Labour Manifesto 2019


Help for the homeless

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